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People frequently ask us how we got so involved with coffee.  Listening to a recent coffee podcast on a trip to Tucson (because yes, we are that geeked out on coffee), an interviewer asked a barista how she found coffee, or rather how did coffee find her. It prompted a great conversation between us about our coffee journey over the past 10 years. A conversation we would love to share here.


In 2006, we had the amazing opportunity to travel to Brasil on a short term mission trip. We instantly fell in love with the people, the culture, and of course the coffee. Coming from America, we were shocked at the tiny cups they drank their coffee out of. Oh but the flavor! The home that I stayed in during a visit to rural Rondônia grew coffee in their backyard and roasted it on the stove. We brought back many things from that trip, including the tiny cups. Flash forward to 2011 and we took a trip with friends to California. On our trip we searched out the best espresso con panna’s we could find. We visited small local coffee shops and fell in love with great tasting coffee. When we made our way back to Arizona, the taste couldn't be replicated. Being an inquisitive mind, this prompted Edward to research better coffee. We purchased coffee online from reputable third wave coffee companies such as Clatch and Stumptown which only urged us to dig deeper into this new wave of coffee. We had never heard of "third wave coffee" or "specialty coffee" or “direct trade” even at this point.


Finally one day in mid-2012, after many morning coffee visits (Café’s as we called them) with our dear friends, Edward decided we needed to roast our own coffee. We bought a small home roasting machine that was converted from a rotisserie oven and started experimenting with green beans from Sweet Marias. The first roast was a bit of an adventure and we narrowly avoided burning down the shed! We spent the next few years improving our roasting, buying beans from different regions, and even upgrading our equipment. We mostly shared our coffee with our local friends and family who have been amazingly supportive of us from the beginning. It was their encouragement that made us believe we could take this passion and make it a business.


At the end of 2015 we made the decision to invest everything we had into a commercial roaster and make the leap into an official business. We purchased a beautiful SF6 San Franciscan roaster out of Carson City, NV and have taken our coffee to the public. Our goal is to help bring the third wave coffee scene to Benson and the rest of Cochise County. We have a true passion for coffee and we are excited to share it with you all!

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